Prada’s brogue-sneakers

The Evening Standard has described Prada’s brogue-sneaker as ‘London’s most wanted shoe’.

This is a the Prada brogue-sneaker:

Yours for a mere £510!  And not at all hideous.  And don’t worry – you won’t look ridiculous when you wear them…

The Prada brogue-sneakers illustrate well the gulf between normal people and fashionistas.  We can all see that these shoes are ridiculous, but, according to the Evening Standard:

…they’re Prada. And in fashion terms, that’s all that matters.

Since appearing on the catwalk in Milan last September, Prada’s brogue-sneakers have been causing a stir. So much so that the shoes – available in men’s and women’s varieties – are now sold out across London.

“Our customers have really embraced them,” says Helen Attwood, the buying manager for shoes at Selfridges, who is expecting another delivery next week. “They’re directional but wearable.”

I think that we can draw two conclusions:

  1. Some designers are having a laugh at the public’s expenses; and
  2. Some fashionistas have more money than taste.

3 responses to “Prada’s brogue-sneakers

  1. When I saw this post I thought: “I bought some shoes exactly like that today!”

    ….then I scrolled down and realised there was a platform attached.

    That said I’m kinda addicted to the whole platform trend (just not on brogues…). So impractical but so fun.

  2. Oh my lord. Surely someone’s having a laugh.

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