Chic in Paris

I adore this photo of Hilary Swank, currently filming in Paris:

She looks great.  Her outfit is, in my opinion, perfect: simple, elegant and stylish.  Who wouldn’t want to look like that while walking one’s dog in one of the world’s most iconic cities?  And I love that she doesn’t look ‘done’: she hasn’t been styled for a photo opportunity – she’s just a well-dressed woman, walking her cute dog.

She also looked pretty good in a different type of outfit, a day or two ago:

I really like that blouse.  I can’t wear mustard – I’m pink and white and pale, and it looks dreadful on me – but I do like it on women with the right skin tone for it.  And I’ve always loved the combination of a patterned blouse and a plain pair of jeans: it’s a bit of a standard look for me if I need to look vaguely smart, but don’t want to look too formal.

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